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At the heart of Strawbridge Kitchen is the love of creating innovative concepts, recipes and products. Specialists for New Product Development categories:

  • Pastry

  • Convenience Food

  • Snacking

  • Preserves - sauces, chutneys & dressings 

  • Cured & Smoked Meats

  • Ready Meals

  • Dairy

  • Bakery & Breads

  • Cheese

  • Tea & Coffee

Umami garden pickles with Cornish seaweed

Umami garden pickles with Cornish seaweed



The impact of Food Photography and Video is becoming more and more important. We offer both practical step-by-step photography for Chef training manuals and more traditional food photography for print and online publications. We also design the photography brief according to an agreed Marketing and PR strategy so that the images are on brand. Food Styling is a huge part of the picture and we can work for manufacturers, restaurants, chef profile shoots, and interiors. James can write, produce, direct and present video footage to suit any of your corporate needs. 


food styling

James has worked on many publishing projects for his own cookbooks and styled editorial content in national magazines and newspapers. Strawbridge Kitchen has an extensive prop library and modern background surfaces. Equipped with a set of tweezers and over ten years of styling experience James can capture a look to really help your brand pop.


Home economist

As an experienced chef James Strawbridge can source and prepare all fresh ingredients for photography shoots. James is comfortable working behind the scenes, and has extensive knowledge in specialist areas such as curing, breads, dairy, and smoking. These skills are transferred onto the photography set with a credible understanding of food and will result in authentic images.


food writing

James has written national monthly columns and developed recipes for more than a decade. Regular work with CountryFile, Edible Garden, HomeFarmer, Cornwall Life and Country Smallholding magazine to name a few. James has also written eight internationally published books including; ‘Practical Self Sufficiency: the Complete Guide to Sustainable Living’, ‘Breads’, ‘Smoking & Curing’, ‘The Smoked Food Manual’, ‘Vegetables’, ‘Poultry’, ‘Cheese & Dairy’, and ‘Preserves’

The food writing Strawbridge Kitchen can delivery is founded on this vast publishing experience and showcases an ability to tailor new and innovative recipes to meet any customer demands. We can also supply the food photography to accompany magazines and online publications. We also do online content and copy writing, develop recipes for specific ingredients or cooking equipment, plus we can create a bespoke branded cookbook and manage the publishing project from concept to print.




With award-winning media production partners across the South West, Strawbridge Kitchen can manage the creative process for your video content every step of the way. Starting with the Development stage to create a creative concept, agree a strong narrative tone and core message that works for your brand. Draft the script writing for approval that perfectly captures your corporate identity. Strawbridge Kitchen can assist with the video production and provide James as a Creative Director on shoots or he can present strands of the content and interview your contributors. Stylistically, Strawbridge Kitchen prides itself on making authentic and naturally-flowing video content, that is rooted in both genuine expertise and a deep enthusiasm for food and drink.



James uses his extensive broadcast background and long television presenting career to run engaging media sessions for Directors and their Sales or Marketing teams. Offering workshops tailored for your business, to help you tell your stories effectively and communicate the strengths of your brand. Talking to camera, becoming a performance chef, or simply helping you to become more comfortable as a brand ambassador. These one-to-one sessions will leave you feeling significantly more confident and equipped with a practical set of media survival tools to promote your business in the media spotlight.

Chef Training & Restaurant Menu Development

Chef Training & Restaurant Menu Development



Restaurant / recipe cards

We also offer a restaurant set up consultation service, kitchen planning and design to meet a strict budget. This stretches to cafes, pub kitchens, and even food truck design. With great hands on kitchen experience James will assist with the operational design of your restaurant with the correct equipment and working towards maximum efficiency. Constantly relating the design process back to the chefs’ existing skill sets and relationship between front and back of house. Selecting the right equipment for you and Chef training are at the forefront. We have contacts with many different catering suppliers and can tender, plan and deliver a bespoke solution for your business.

Recently James has been working with South West gourmet burger chain HUBBOX on their innovative menu and chef training. We avoid all conflict of interest with our clients and do not work with competing brands.

Strawbridge Kitchen can also produce on-brand Christmas menus, Sunday sharers or seasonal specials for your restaurant.

As well as creating exciting restaurant menus, Strawbridge Kitchen can design and delivery punchy recipe cards that celebrate a key ingredient for consumers or to help boost B2B sales. The menu cards can be managed in house, from the recipe development, photography and art direction, to layout design and final print proofs, all from our kitchen.



live fire workshops / kitchen set up

James is an expert at wood fired cooking and has completed his latest book Smoked Food Manual (March 2019) on BBQ and outdoor cookery. The Smoking Food Manual will take you through every stage of every kind of smoking adventure, whether it's building a smokehouse in the garden, cold smoking bacon and charcuterie or hot smoking planks of salmon. Each method of smoking is explained, together with ideas and tips for the kind of food that best suits which one, and the fuel, scents and woods that can be used.

This extensive smokehouse experience means James possesses a unique insight if you are considering setting up your own professional outdoor kitchen, BBQ or al fresco dining area. Strawbridge Kitchen offers restaurant and hotel consultation for kitchen design and can also train your chefs how to master the grill.


pop up catering

Strawbridge Kitchen has been running pop up catering events for several years at Food & Music Festivals. Bringing together a team of chefs to cook exciting menus that hit the trend of the time. Always with a strong emphasis placed on provenance, theatre and colour. We can now help you organise your own pop events or create a space for trade shows that captures a dynamic edge and strong brand alignment. If you want to arrange a consultation then please send us an enquiry.

Port Elliot Festival - Pop up smokehouse restaurant 2016

Port Elliot Festival - Pop up smokehouse restaurant 2016


consumer events

James Strawbridge has grown up as performance chef demonstrating at major food events around the UK ranging from Speciality Fine Food, Lunch!, Farm Shop & Deli Show, BBC Good Food and local consumer festivals. Speaking from the Chef’s demo stage is second nature to James, but so is organising a retail stand to engage with consumers. Strawbridge Kitchen has years of market-trading and food truck experience.


James has fronted campaigns for charities around the UK. For example, Sainsbury’s Waste Less, Save More, Eden Project’s World Pasty Championships, WRAP’S Love Food Hate Waste, Cornish environmental campaign The Final Straw and Kelly’s of Cornwall Cone-ish Pasty roadshow.

corporate hospitality

Sometimes the simplest way to strengthen a business relationship or get a major sale over the line, can be to have a really good working lunch. Strawbridge Kitchen can be booked to cook a bespoke feast for your corporate guests and attend to help present the dishes, discuss your provenance and celebrate your products.


Strawbridge Kitchen can work with you to contribute original content for your social media platforms, appear at Food Festivals to showcase your new products, or provide quotes and advertorial content. James is also available to attend networking events and help introduce new business collaborations.


experential events

Sometimes sampling products can really engage with consumers, but increasingly retail calls for something a bit more creative and innovative. Strawbridge Kitchen has a strong track record with an interesting experiential portfolio. We can create bespoke event for your business to match your budget.

sales presentations

Strawbridge Kitchen can provides detailed market research and Consumer Insight reports for our customers. When combined with energetic sales presentations this can be a valuable asset. If you have a particular retailer or foodservice customer, who you want to approach, then we can help give you the appropriate tools and get a good ROI on your marketing budget.

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new ingredients

At Strawbridge Kitchen we specialise in the complete design process from concept to customer, development and delivery of food solutions. We will ask about the challenges you face and concentrate on customer specific intelligence to understand your circumstances. Then we go away and do our homework reviewing category reports and producing our own consumer insight presentations for you. Reliability, consistency, commercial cost-engineering and a professional service are built into how we work with customers to guarantee good results.

Strawbridge Kitchen has an extensive network of artisan producers, farmers and manufacturers. We are happy to share connections and manage third party manufacturing on your behalf.


 We also have the ability at Strawbridge Kitchen to provide visuals of customised packaging and branding support.

One of the buzziest sections in our kitchen is the ‘Pestle & Mortar’ art studio, where we work our magic with the latest food photography styling, sustainable packaging and eye-catching POS design. We pride ourselves for being at the frontline of design trends producing stylish and functional product solutions.